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Appliance Servicing and Cleaning in London and the South East

Servicing your equipment is the best way to protect you investment, as
during the service checks and measurements are made to make sure
your equipment is running at its optimum rate, this not only makes
your cooking easier but can also save energy and money.
By having regular maintenance undertaken by qualifed experienced
engineers you can help avoid costly breakdowns.
CPS Catering engineers can offer yo a very cost effective service,
and a wide range of discounts are available for example if you have your
servicing and annual gas inspection done at the same time we can often
offer to undertake the gas inspection and issue you your certificate free.

You will find our prices to be very competitive compared to larger
companies, and we always strive to be with you as soon as we can
usually within a couple of hours for most emergencies.

Our engineers are always happy to give free advice over the phone or
by email (see our contact form on our contact page)
And of course if you call we can give you an idea of how much the work
will be before we attend.
Keeping your appliances and ventilation / extraction system clean is a vital
part of your preventive maintenance program, but also makes your
equipment more efficient.

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Failing to keep on top of the cleaning especially with gas equipment can
present a health hazard, if you notice for example the flame is not a
nice blue flame,but is now yellow this means the gas is not burning
properly and is producing extra carbon monoxide gas (the silent killer)
Here at CPS Catering engineers we know how hard you work, and how
difficult it can be to get into all those difficult spots and the reality
is the grime will build up over time.  
We therefore offer a comprehensive deep clean and service package
to caterers, you may think to yourself well I will just call in the cleaners,
however as the majority of cleaners are just that they will not be able to
make sure everyting is working ok after they have finished.In the case
of Gas and LPG appliances unless they are commercial catering
Gas Safe registered engineers they can not legally remove various
parts for proper cleaning.

Contact one of our team on 0800 211 80 82 for a free quote today


I called CPS Catering Engineers as I have a large commercial take away and kitchen where a few of my gas appliances stopped and started working intermittently. Right from my initial contact with CPS Catering Engineers I got the impression they knew exactly what they were doing and within 30 minutes of the engineer being on site he had identified the problem and ordered the correct part to repair the fault.

My kitchen was back to full strength the next day which is absolutely invaluable to my business. I now regularly use CPS Catering Engineers for all of my gas related work, and would not hesitate to recommend.

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