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Gas Interlock Systems

Gas safety interlocks are a positive way for you to make sure proper ventilation is being provided for your staff in your commercial kitchen.The HSE (health and safety executive) have laid down requirements for commercial kitchen operators and the installation of a correctly installed interlocking system is an effective way to comply with these requirements. 

Interlocking systems come in two main forms type 1 is a basic fan sensing system operating a solenoid type gas valve the sensing
can be achieved by a current monitoring system or a differential air pressure switch or switches. type 2 being the same as type 1 but with the addition of a gas proving device.

Both systems consist of a control panel, emergency shut off switch, a fan sensor, and a solenoid gas valve
Additional components could be CO2 & CO monitoring and interlocking to the building management system..

Because we use a variety of manufacturers we can specify the best system to suit your individual requirements.

Annual certification of commercial kitchens is a positive way to show
compliance to required legislation, part of the inspection will cover air quality standards
By using an interlock you can be sure your kitchen can not operate without
the ventilaion system in operation  therefore maintaining the correct air quality levels.
These levels are set out in the relevant standard IGEM / UP/ 9 
( CO2 not to exceed 2800ppm )
The provision of an interlock is in most cases a legal requirement,
so why not give us a call and we can advise you as to the most
cost effective way to ensure your kitchen is compliant..

All new kitchens ventilation systems and type "B" open flued appliances must have an interlocking system fitted.

If you are unsure if your installation is compliant call our engineer for free advice.



I called CPS Catering Engineers as I have a large commercial take away and kitchen where a few of my gas appliances stopped and started working intermittently. Right from my initial contact with CPS Catering Engineers I got the impression they knew exactly what they were doing and within 30 minutes of the engineer being on site he had identified the problem and ordered the correct part to repair the fault.

My kitchen was back to full strength the next day which is absolutely invaluable to my business. I now regularly use CPS Catering Engineers for all of my gas related work, and would not hesitate to recommend.

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